negozio vendita mobili cucina roma

Context analysis


By appointment and presentation of your own map to ours kitchen center in Rome , we can immediately help you identify one ideal layout of furniture and furnishings.

This phase will be all free hand, it will proceed in an intuitive and rapid way, where your active participation will be important in order to immediately understand the nature of the project.

It will also be fundamental to identify the focal points of your space from the beginning, both on a technical, aesthetic and functional level.

If you are already being followed by a professional ( architect * or interior designer ), it will be our task and pleasure interface with them , in order to integrate our solutions with those in progress, for example of a renovation.

The more information we have about the context and your needs and ambitions, the more stimulating and efficient the whole process will be!

Orientation estimate of the project


Having established the nature of the furniture and furnishings in all its components, we will provide you with one indicative estimate , to free of charge , of the sale of made-to-measure kitchens.

Respect for the customer’s budget is a fixed point of our design process, around which we can work in order to propose the best solution.

During this phase we will also develop a 3d model preliminary of your environment, in order to test the choices in a more effective way.

The model will also include studies through renderings in order to test various factors such as the natural brightness of the space and the chromatic relationship between the furniture and the surfaces present.

In this precise phase we will discuss the nature of the furniture, if it will be one island kitchen , one linear kitchen or one peninsula kitchen .

kitchen shop
kitchen center in Rome

Finishes and appliances


Once the estimate is confirmed, a selection of the furniture elements will follow thanks to the samples present in our kitchen center in Rome, usually always experienced by the customer as the most stimulating and creative moment .

From finishing of the doors , to the top , to the frame of the kitchen down to seemingly minor details such as throats , the possible combinations as you can imagine are literally infinite.

It will therefore be possible to pass from the roughness of natural stone, to the warmth of wood, to the brilliant satin finish of aluminum and the glow of ceramic; a matter of tactility and eye!

Without forgetting the large space covered by domestic appliances , where our task will be mainly to illustrate them technological innovations on the market.

Inspection and final representation


As a last step before completing the order, we will carry out a site inspection from which it will be possible to confirm the environmental measures and write down all Technical specifications .

It will be fundamental to understand what structural and spatial obstacles we will encounter for the installation of furniture, for example.

Through tools such as laser and modern instruments VR applications , we will accurately verify the correct arrangement of the furniture , so as not to incur unnecessary adjustments during assembly and to ensure that the same proceeds without obstacles.

The more time you save, the more chances you will have of getting into your kitchen as soon as possible.

kitchen center in Rome
kitchen center in Rome



Using a team of professional fitters , with decades of experience in the field, your furniture will be promptly installed according to project and in the day , ready to be then fastened immediately to gas, electricity and water systems.

This phase has always been of primary importance, for which there is also one our direct supervision procedures in order to ensure the best possible result and give you the heart of your home as soon as possible, ready for use.

Taking care of our customers at every stage is for us a CASAVIVA a determining factor and of which we have always been proud.

Years and years of inspections, interventions and supervision have allowed us to know deeply the nature of modular kitchens and being able to take advantage of this accumulated experience is not just a thing for us pride , but also a pleasure .



In addition to the different formulas of guarantee offered by our suppliers, our decades-long assistance also acts on a strait human relationship with our client, through whom to share suggestions for the maintenance and carry out repairs or improvements to furniture, both through our team of specialists, and by suggesting the best do-it-yourself solutions and providing you with spare parts.

We know how fond you can become of your modular kitchen, so we will always have good advice to keep it up and running for as long as possible.

As a customer of our kitchen center in Rome you will also have access to discounts ed special offers over time, on ours outlets for furniture for which you can track through ours newsletter and on our channels social .

Once you become a customer CASAVIVA it has been for life!

kitchen center in Rome
centro cucine moderne componibili roma

Come back for a greeting!


As anticipated, for us a CASAVIVA the human relationship with our customers is one absolute priority , a concept that we always hope will be arranged as much as possible in parallel with the professional relationship.

As it is our desire to create your kitchen with the same care that we would apply to ours, we would also like you to interpret our kitchen center as your second (or third, fourth, etc …) home.

Therefore, always feel free to come and visit us for a chat that goes beyond the world of modern kitchens.

From you can also always discuss gastronomy and applied cuisine for example, as of design , architecture and other topics that reinforce the passion for our profession.

In short, with us you will always have a coffee offered, do not wait to visit us!