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Arredo3 Rome located in CASAVIVA one of his reference sellers, since 2015 with 3 kitchens on display not to mention the now many projects he has completed.

For years, especially through ours services customized, we design Arredo3 kitchen spaces with the great satisfaction of our customers in particular.

Arredo3 realizes modern and classic kitchens of design and quality , which meet everyone’s needs accordingly.
Versatile and highly customizable, their modular solutions therefore meet every need for space, budget and taste.

Their products are entirely Made in Italy : specifically designed and manufactured in Scorzè, near Venice.

Through continuous investments in innovation and technology processes, it is possible for Arredo3 to always offer the best quality / price ratio.

Finally, you can find below two previews of the main families of kitchen models: modern and classic.

All modern models

The modern kitchens Arredo3 are designed first of all to make the most of their spaces.

Secondly the clean and essential design it is especially enhanced with the use of groove sockets and in particular of doors with integrated handle.

The arrangement of countless finishes is innovative materials , therefore, allow you to customize the kitchen according to your taste and style.

The classic kitchens Arredo3 allow you to make the most of the spaces, in a refined and elegant style, thanks to the wide choice of finishes and compositional systems.

Quality therefore meets the most sought-after forms through the use of wood, making the environment warm and consequently welcoming.

In short, by combining materials, finishes and compositional systems to your liking, you can then create your own classic style kitchen.

In conclusion, if you are curious to see the quality and beauty of Arredo3 Roma kitchens live, do not hesitate to contact us to request a appointment with an estimate !