casaviva kitchen shop

CASAVIVA and the decor La Primavera in Rome.


Furnituresince 1968 , the year in which the company was founded by three partners.

Among them Lino De March i, who later became the sole owner, since 2002 supported by his children, interpreters of the paternal desire to give continuity to the family management, guarantee of reliability for customers .

The numerous collections in the catalog satisfy the most diverse needs and desires.

The proposals of contemporary taste are flanked by the classic ones, to the purity of design we join the richness of style .

Common denominator, the right balance between aesthetic research andfunctionality .
The rigorous monitoring of all stages of the supply chain, from the procurement of materials to the creation of each single item, ensures a quality that can boast of the attribute “ made in Italy “not only in words, but also in deeds.

Dining tables

Our dining tables best interpret the convivial functions and of aggregation proper of a furniture.

They stand out for their advanced aesthetics and extreme ease of use, features to which the quality of the finishes is added.

Designed to express maximum functionality with minimum bulk, they are made with first choice materials, treated with innovative techniques that guarantee durability over time and facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

Chairs andStools

Our seats satisfy the most diverse orientations of taste thanks to a range characterized by great variety of shapes , colors andfinishes , divided into proposals for the kitchen and the living area , designed by looking at the most diverse furnishing styles.

Conceived as a harmonious synthesis of form and function, they are designed to last, therefore made with selected materials subjected to innovative treatments that make them suitable for intense daily use and facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

In conclusion, if you want to see the quality and beauty of the furniture La Primavera in Rome, do not hesitate to contact us !