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Kristalia was founded in 1994 by the will of a young group of Friulians passionate about jazz, who do the most intelligent but also the easiest and most immediate thing that can be done: they look around themselves, in that north east where the company will rise, they discover completely new to design, but in which local excellences are expressed: mountain boots, the production of automotive components, clothing and knitwear.

And in these places they decide to give a new rhythm, that you meet the design innovation .

In few years Kristalia it becomes a reference inside and outside Italy: in the 2000s it makes the history of extendable tables; in the 1910s it was one of the design companies to which designers look with more interest and for some years it has opened up to the world of contract.

The comunication

Communication for Kristalia it is the best tool to convey the values that are an integral part of each product and that often go beyond its aesthetic, functional or market aspects.

The poetry of an inspiration, the enthusiasm to see a project grow day after day, the meeting with masters of design (or young emerging personalities) or the passion for new technologies and curiosity for everything that happens in the world; these experiences cannot be told if they are not lived in first person.

Here because Kristalia has an internal team of creatives that follows all the phases of a new product from birth to development; shooting it with cameras and video cameras, telling it with images and texts, but also testing its design and functionality, perhaps playing target practice with a pillow or diving along a ski slope on the shell of a seat.

In conclusion, if you want to see the quality and beauty of the furniture live Kristalia in Rome, do not hesitate to contact us !

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